Sonntag, 25. April 2010

Tauchen auf Bali

Exploring Bali with a diving tour from Amed Scuba

It is often said that the journey is more important than the destination itself. But Bali is a perfect place to have both! With Amed Scuba it is possible to go on a tour through Bali and practice traveling to places where you have never been before. You will find no warmer welcome anywhere when you make your journey to Bali – well known as the island of gods or simple Paradiese. The truth is that the single most recognized feature amongst the beautiful beaches, fantastic coral gardens, drop offs, shipswrecks, rice fields and mountains that make this place so special beneth and above the water is the people of Amed Scuba and there relationship to so many interesting local Balinese people.

On this tour I want to share my unique experiences with Amed Scuba diving tour and my great opportunity to meet the locals and get to know their culture more intimately because the tour brings us in touch with so many interesting and different places and people in Bali. And of course in the years of experiences in touring Amed Scuba and there team became more streetwise and they have built lasting friendships along the way. Amed Scuba dive center choose the different diving sites, the fantastic nature and the wonderful Balinese people to show our guests the special spirit of Bali because we felt that these things reflect Balis real uniqueness and depth. The spirit of our tour is to bring our customers in touch with the real Bali, with the Balinese people, there friendliness, there culture, there activities with these wonderful and so different land scapes and of course with the wide range of different diving sites which offers you a huge amound of different corals, wish and underwater wildlife.

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