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Amed Scuba Bali - # For the Love of Diving
Amed Scuba - For the Love of Diving

Bali is justifiably famous for ist culture, beautiful landscapes, amazing nightlife, stunning beaches and untouched coral gardens. Every year, millions of tourists visit Bali to indulge themselves and get a taste of the ISLAND OF THE GODS. Divers visiting the Island are similarly spoilt, as Bali has everything from beautiful reefs and high-energy current dives, to extraordinary wrecks and amazing biodiversity. On top of this, during the cold-water season around August and September, Bali becomes the only place in the world where divers can Encounter the incredible Mola ola sunfish on a regular Basis.
As well as diving, the Island has a great deal more to offer a visitor. Therefor we invite you to Amed Scuba´s legendary dive and travel tour around Bali.
Amed Scuba Diving Tour around Bali
Bali has a unique Hindu religious culture and there are many beautiful temples to be visited and ceremonies going on year round, even amongst the hustle and bustle of the Tourist centres in the south. Bali´s landscape is also well worth exploring - it is a good idea to spend a view days traveling around the 5600 km2 Island and vistiting the Rice terraces, Hindu and Buddhist Temples, waterpalaces, dramatic volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, perlfarms, spas and different diving places that the Island is famous for.
If visitors would like something a Little more energetic, then there are lost of different activities to Keep them occupied. Bali has incredible surf breaks along the southern coast,

particularly around the Buits, as well as many Schools and instructors for those wanting to learn how to sur. Adventurous tourists can go rafting, mountain biking, practice yoga, ´climb mountains over 3000 meter and be back on the beach for sunset and a drink.
Coral Garden in Gili Selang - Amed Scuba Diving Tour
You can stay in the main Tourist Areas and make day trips to the different dive destnations, which will cost you a lot of time spending in the car or you can stay next to the diving spots to have shorter Transfer times alternatively come with us on a Bali Diving Safari or Diving Tour. Our Biologist Christin is guiding Groups around the Island and visiting the best diving spots in Bali, the most interesting temples and landscapes. We stay close to the diving destination and use the transfer time for visiting and discover the Balinese culture.
Amed Scuba Bali - # For the Love of Diving

...So why not come and DISCOVER THE EXOTIC for yourself!
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