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Accommodation in Amed Scuba Resort

Amed Scuba Diving Resort in Bali

What is the meaning of traveling - what is the meaning of Wanderlust?
So many inspirational posts about traveling, wanderlust, meeting new people, getting insprired...
What is the meaning of traveling for you? What if Wanderlust is something more? That it is a need for our soul to connect with the world and get inspired by other cultures and get connected with the nature- a hardwired into our very being. Truth is, it is more than Wanderlust. Traveling opens our heart, connect us with the world and leave us more open for the needs of this wounderful planet earth and the people who are living here. Come and meet the stuff of our diving resort Amed Scuba in Bali and get connected with the beautiful Balinese culture! Watch the friendly hospitality of our team you can allready observe on the video. 
We love to give you a great time with all of us in Bali!  

Special Offer for Bali The Island of the Gods

16 days & 15 nights in AC bungalows (inclusive breakfast), 20 dives including guide, Airporttransfers from Denpasar to Amed and back, One Day Tour in Bali, Free Drinking Water in the Bungalows, Free Welcome Cocktail, 1 Free Massage, Free Hot Coffee & Tea all day long

Special Offer: 16 days & 15 nights including 20 dives, airporttransfers, plus day tour for only 888,- Euro per person

Special Offer: 8 Days & 7 Nights in AC Bungalows incl. breakfast, incl. 10 guided Dives, Airporttransfer, half day tour in Bali, Welcome Drink, 1 Free Massage only 475,- Euro per person


Pool in the Amed Scuba Resort

We love to introduce you into our rooms and service of 

Amed Scuba Diving Resort


E-Mail: halloscuba@yahoo.com

Butterfly Appartment

 With AC, Fourposted Bed, 2 rooms, Free Wifi, Terrace with Sea View, Bathroom with hot water rainforest shower, Free Fresh Water, Free Hot Tea and Coffee the hole day long, Including Breakfast with fresh tropcical fruits and a la card for only 50,-  Euro per night including breakfast (25;-Euro per nigth per person with double occupancy)

Amed Scuba Butterfly Appartment
Butterfly Appartment - Amed Scuba

Appartment mit zwei Zimmern: Klimaanlage, Mosquitonetz, Marmorfußboden,

Appartment in Amed Scuba

Appartment in Amed Scuba

including contemplary items

Amed Scuba Wasserfall

View from our Resort Restaurant Aroma de la Mer

Amazing View from our restaurant Aroma de la Mer at Mt. Agung for Sunset and on the Bays of Bali
Organic Restaurant and Lounge Aroma de la Mer invites with amazing view and great food
Welcome in Aroma de la Mer with an amazing view
Enjoy relaxing moments as the sun goes down in our restaurant Aroma de la Mer

Buddha Lounge

Amed Scuba Bali Diving Resort

With aircondition, mosquito net, own fridge, private garden, free drinking fresh water, tea and coffee on the patio, marmor bathtube, day bed in your own private garden
Price: 25,- Euro per Person per night with double occupancy
e-mail: halloscuba@yahoo.com
Großer Holzbungalow mit Klimaanlage im eigenen privaten Garten
Buddha Lounge Appartment mit Klimaanlage und eigenem Kühlschrank, Amed Scuba Horizon Bungalows 
Buddha Lounge Bungalow with AC, own fridge situated in a beautiful own paradiese garden in Amed Scuba

Accommodation in Amed Scuba. Sleep well in a beautiful original Indonesian Joglo with AC

Welcome in Amed Scuba! We offer you a beautiful bungalow with AC, fridge in your private paradiese garden
Welcome in Amed Scuba. Relax in our outdoor pool with an ice cold Bintang

Amed Scuba, Buddha Lounge Bungalow with private garden, AC and fridge

Relax at the private terrace of The Buddha Lounge Bungalow in Amed Scuba

Buddha Lounge Bungalow in Amed Scuba. Relax with fresh tea and coffee of your choice

Private Garden and Terrace of The Buddha Lounge Bungalow in Amed Scuba´s  The Horizon Bungalow
Day Bed for reading and relaxing in your private garden of Buddha Lounge in Amed Scuba´s The Horizon Bungalows

Terrace of The Buddha Lounge Bungalow in Amed Scuba´s The Horizon Bungalows

Amed Scuba´s The Horizon Bungalows offers a private garden. The Buddha Lounge Bungalow

Amed Scuba, Buddha Lounge Bungalow

Amed Scuba Buddha Lounge Bungalow, Horizon. The perfect place to relax after the dive in your private garden

Outside Day Bed in the Buddha Lounge Bungalow private garden for reading and dreaming under the sky

Joglo mit Gartenblick 

15,- Euro per person per night in AC bungalow (with double occupation), Free Drinking Water, Free Hot Tea or Coffee all day long. 
Preis 15,- Euro pro Personen bei Doppelbelegung inklusive Frühstück
Klimaanlage, Himmelbett, Bad mit warmer Dusche, inclusive freies Trinkwasser und freien Tee und Kaffe den ganzen Tag
Traditionelles hölzernes Joglo mit Gartenblick

Kleiner Holzbungalow mit Klimaanlage

Holzbungalow vorne klein
Dusche unter dem Sternenhimmel
Kleiner Holzbungalow mit Klimaanlage und Mosquitonetz

Kleine Holzterrasse

Amed Scuba Tauchen und Wohnen bei und mit Amed Scuba. Angebot

Steinhaus am Pool mit Klimaanlage für 15 Euro pro Nacht bei Doppelbelegung

Steinhäuser in Amed Scuba

Offener Duschraum im Steinbungalow in Amed Scuba

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